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Dr Death(DRDE)
Truth For Youth - Doctor Death. Comic #01. Art by Tim Todd - © 2004 Revival Fire

Doctor Death - Truth For Youth #01 (DRDE)
Art by Tim Todd - © 2004 Revival Fire Ministries

Dr. Weston, a prolific provider of women's health services (namely abortions) comes to terms with both the long term guilt of his career and the scorn of those his industry has harmed.

Our sincerest apologies for the low quality of the scans. This comic is out of print and long lost to the annals of history and we have attempted to clarify the text whereever possible.

First Published: December 26th, 2013


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o Page 1

Page 1
SeanSean Coming off of a series of artwork from both Jack Chick and Dick Hafer, the works of Tim Todd feel like a huge breath of fresh air. Yeah we still have the self righteousness of Christian propaganda, but it is so relaxing to see it so dialed back.
KristinKristin Do you notice that none of the graves say things like "Was the worst tyrant of the 21st century."
JessicaJessica That's true. It kind of reminds me of that crappy Glurge email that made the rounds a few years back. It's nice to think every child has the potential to be the next Beethoven or Marie Curie, but they have just as much of a chance of becoming the next Hitler or Pol Pot or Bryan Adams. Perish the thought.
SeanSean I think Tim has "potential" confused with "predestination". Yeah, these kids have a chance of finding "cures" for AIDS (A symptom and condition brought on by HIV) and Cancer (A term for cellular mutation, which is so varied in the causes, symptoms and conditions that it can't really be called a single disease so there can never be a "cure")and yeah, they have just as much of a chance to grow up to be serial killers or Republicans, but there is absolutely no guarantee that either of these will occur due to the completely unpredictable nature of life.
KristinKristin Also most people that are planning to have an abortion usually don't give their fetuses first names.
JessicaJessica If you're giving that much consideration to your fetus, maybe abortion isn't really for you.
SeanSean Also, digging the enormously ethnic names on the graves. "Kim Lee Chin", "Jamal Jacob Brown"... what? No room for "Juan Garcia Lopez", "Achmed Mullah", "Herschel Goldstein" or "Running Bear Howling Coyote"?
JessicaJessica By the way... Kim Lee Chin (at 83 days) would look like this. Jamal Jacob Brown (at 29 days) would look like this and Laura Anne (47 days) like this. Any of those look like "babies" to you? Science, bitches!


o Page 2

Page 2
KristinKristin Most people have "appendages." Appendages ARE body parts.
JessicaJessica Here we start right off the bat with conflating our terms. Calling an unborn fetus (11 weeks), embryo (8 weeks), zygote or blastocyst (5 days) a "baby" is a cheap and unfounded way of getting an emotional reaction out of your audience. Those aren't "babies." They can barely even be defined as "organisms."

"DO NOT WANT!!!!!!"
SeanSean Okay, how does he remember all the last names of the women he's worked on? Either he only gets customers once in a blue moon, or he's had more than a few repeat visitors.


o Page 3

Page 3
JessicaJessica At least he refers to himself as "a doctor who used to perform abortions" instead of "I was an abortionist." Those are two totally different things.
KristinKristin The rantings of the protesters sounds more like a high school football cheer. Is their mascot an aborted fetus?
SeanSean Do not kill the innocent! Which is why we are condoning the death and eternal damnation of Dr. Weston. Sometimes I wonder just how much they really believe in the whole "Love thy enemy" thing.


o Page 4

Page 4
KristinKristin Dr. Weston looks like he's about to perform this abortion with a 9mm!!! That ought to do it.
JessicaJessica I think that nurse used to be employed up at the House on Haunted Hill.
SeanSean Really? Because I'm pretty sure I saw her moonlighting at Silent Hill General Hospital.
KristinKristin Though, you know, this might be a fairly easy abortion since they seem to be operating on a medical dummy. You run into fewer complications that way.
JessicaJessica Why is the patient completely naked? Shouldn't she have on a surgical gown or something?
SeanSean "Abortion is murder", and what about the people you killed to make those blood letters?


o Page 5

Page 5
KristinKristin Weston's abortion clinic is located on the wrong side of the tracks. There isn't another inhabited building for miles. Cheap rent, I guess.
JessicaJessica Count how many time they use the word "womb" in this comic. Typically it makes far more sense to refer to it as a "uterus" but they must think "womb" sound more innocent or something.
SeanSean If they speak out of love, then why are they threatening you like this?


o Page 6

Page 6
KristinKristin It defeats the purpose of using cut-out letters for your threat letter when you write "Don't go to sleep!!!" right at the bottom.

People in this comic seem to have a knack for writing prose that rhymes.
JessicaJessica Here we get into an interesting point. Most people who argue against abortion say that the medical professionals who perform them know the "truth" and are willingly killing and mutilating so-called "fully formed babies." When pressed on why doctors would do such a thing they usually say it's because it is so lucrative and that abortionists make a lot of money from the practice. But if you look at salary projections for an abortion doctor they average out around $55K per year. To compare an Obstetrician can make $93K a year actually delivering the babies. Hell, a podiatrist can make $83K and not even have to deal with crazy pregnant women. Plus, you have to work under some pretty terrible conditions, but they still do it. Why? Because it is a NESSECARY service!
SeanSean Holy shit!! That's a serious death threat right there, almost the stuff of serial killers! Weston could easily have the culprit arrested (Especially since they took the time to leave their handwriting at the bottom) and would be in the right both legally and ethically speaking. I'm sorry, which side is this comic taking again?


o Page 7

Page 7
KristinKristin Post-Abortion Syndrome is a fake condition concocted by pro-life supporters to scare confused women into not having abortions. The term isn't recognized by the APA and it doesn't appear in the DSM. So, no. It doesn't.
JessicaJessica Christian busy-bodies like this love to stick their noses into other people's assholes and tell them what are and aren't moral decisions for them to make in their lives. However, when the rubber meets the road you often find people like this right in line with the people they used to badger when they find themselves in need of an abortion.
KristinKristin This couple's campaign has actually worked and because of it, they have 37 children living in a two bedroom, one bathroom, no basement town house.
SeanSean Yeah, that's kind of a serious issue. With abortions legalized right now, we still have an enormous amount of unadopted children. Approximately speaking, there are over 400,000 orphaned children living in the US right now. Adoption is a nice pipe dream for those who claim to take the moral high ground, and of course it is always an option. But when it comes down to the wire, we find the entire nation adopting less than 3% of this number, with most of these adoptions being from international organizations such as China or Africa. So yeah, until these figures breach the 50% adoption to orphaned ratio, stop preaching to us about it.


o Page 8

Page 8
KristinKristin Is that couple planning an abortion? The "father" looks like an animatronic model of Ronald Reagan.
JessicaJessica Healthy looking, middle aged, middle class white couple don't usually seek abortions, unless there is a serious medical issue at hand. It's typically low income, inner city minorities who realize they have no possible way to support a child.
SeanSean Why is he in their house? Doctors providing abortions don't just go around encouraging people to abort, they simply provide a service for those who pop in. Oh, and if that lady is showing absolutely no visible signs of pregnancy, it's safe to say that the so called "baby" isn't anything more than a miniscule cluster of stem cells with no form or shape to speak of. So yes, Dr. Weston is absolutely right.
KristinKristin He's being interviewed by some sort of horrible vampire-gorilla lady! Must be on Fox News.


o Page 9

Page 9
KristinKristin "Why!? I was going to be a serial killer!"

"... and I was going to be a used car sales man!"
JessicaJessica "I was going to be born anencephalic and die by age three!"

"I was going to kill my mother in childbirth!"
KristinKristin Hey! Fetuses don't look like that! These kids are in the 3rd grade!
SeanSean Weston apparently sleeps standing up in a full tailored suit.


o Page 10

Page 10
KristinKristin How long has this nurse been working for him? She's only having reservations about this whole thing now?!
JessicaJessica They jerk and twitch because of a reflex action regulated by the autonomic nervous systemBrain dead individuals can "twitch." It doesn't prove the existence of pain sensation.


o Page 11

Page 11
KristinKristin That chick is freaking right the fuck out. Probably because Weston's using a scalpel to perform an abortion,. WTF?!?
JessicaJessica I hope most medical clinics that perform abortions don't have a trash can in the operating room labeled "CAUTION: FETUS DISPOSAL." Shouldn't that have a biohazard symbol on it or something?
SeanSean A biohazard sticker? This trash can doesn't even have a friggin' lid!
KristinKristin It looks like this can in located right next to the gates of hell.


o Page 12

Page 12
JessicaJessica They don't want you to abort the fetuses. They'll adopt them. And I say, unless you have at least two unwanted special needs foster children back at home you have NO business standing in front of a clinic and deriding abortion. Period!
KristinKristin Is it his guilt that is boiling over, or is he just fed up with their self-righteousness?
JessicaJessica WHAAAARRRRR-GRBLE!!!!!
SeanSean Again, just to clarify this: more than 400,000 unadopted children floating around right now. Yet I have never seen any bible thumpers take the effort to bring an unwanted kid into their home.


o Page 13

Page 13
KristinKristin I don't think that happens in typical cases. Most women feel better knowing that they didn't do something that they would regret. Was the ghost of the unborn child possessing her and making her do things against her will?

Believe it or not women can make their own decisions regarding their lives.
SeanSean As callous as this may sound: Weston actually isn't responsible for their psychological well-being, outside of possibly referring any patients that come to him towards a psychiatrist. Just like a radiologist isn't responsible for the mental health of a cancer patient, Weston can only treat within his field.
JessicaJessica Go ahead, Weston. Say it. SAY IT! You were going to say the N-Word weren't you?


o Page 14

Page 14
JessicaJessica Everyone knows bitches can't make up their minds. That's why the government has to make their decisions for them.
KristinKristin Did it just hit him? He has been okay with the whole thing for quite some time now. And is he sobbing or puking in the second panel?
JessicaJessica Funny that women would call with physical problems after an abortion, since reputable clinics insist you come back at least once for a follow-up exam.
SeanSean Uh Tim? Aren't you going to cite a source? You know you have to back up your claims if you put them out there. Seriously? Not even some B.S. Fundie figures? Okay then, guess even you don't believe your own drivel.


o Page 15

Page 15
JessicaJessica I've known all along... but I did it ANYWAY!!!!
KristinKristin Ummm... NO. Gender is found out by an ultrasound and is done at about 24 weeks.
JessicaJessica Exactly. At five days you can't even tell a woman is pregnant.
SeanSean After some quick calculations, I find that Tim Todd believes the human gestation period is about 2-3 months.


o Page 16

Page 16
KristinKristin Why is she shaking a "Where's Waldo" book at him? Is Waldo actually Jesus? That would explain a lot.
JessicaJessica Frankly, Waldo books often have far better plots than the Bible.

That's quite a chin on Weston there. It don't mean butt if it ain't got that jut.
SeanSean Weston's looking an awful lot like Jim Gordon in this picture.


o Page 17

Page 17
KristinKristin He is now a pillar of the community with his prostitute date in the background wearing a leather skirt!
JessicaJessica Weston's Bottom Bitch.

"New Dream?" More like "Pipe Dream."
SeanSean Within two weeks of opening, Weston's adoption home was filled to capacity and he was forced to bump the excess children around to various state and federal homes all over the nation. The couple that convinced him to change his ways never saw him again, and never once even set foot in the agency.


o Conclusion

BoudreauxSean As dull and preachy as this was, I found this comic rather enjoyably bad. The artwork is quite good, in an old Horror Comic sort of way, and the author really seemed to try and emphasize the whole issue of "repent and be forgiven" rather than simply turn it into hate speech. Don't get me wrong, this is still Bullshit Propaganda, but compared to Jack Chick or Dick Hafer, it's a Godsend.


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