Light of the World - Jack Chick's Magnum Opus

o Introduction

Given the subject matter of Light of the World, and the proximity of its release to that of a certain other film about the life of Jesus with massive emphasis on graphic violence, it feels like an extremely bad pun to refer to it as Jack Chick's passion project.

But to be entirely fair, there isn't really a better term. Chick and his regular artist Fred Carter spent fifteen years on the project, with 362 paintings illustrating what Jack Chick considered to be the important takeaways of the Bible. He puts particular emphasis on the crucifixion of Jesus, which encompasses about twenty minutes of the video and is presented in the kind of graphic detail that even Mel Gibson would have balked at.

The video also features narration by Infomercial Voiceover Guy David Jeremiah, and a MIDI Orchestra soundtrack by composer John Campbell, who according to his site has worked on numerous projects for Focus on the Family, and a single episode of Mummies Alive.

It's often considered to be a Back-To-Basics gospel presentation for Chick, after being somewhat sidetracked by conspiracy theories. He still spends the last five minutes going off on how Catholics worship a pagan goddess and Muslims worship a "moon god" though. Indeed, he was convinced that if he didn't, God would have killed him on the spot.

Chick went a little bit extra with the release of the film, arranging a whole premiere event at an old Ontario auditorium. Chick even had an exclusive tract for the event, with the catchy title of Hi! You Are About To See... The Most Powerful Soul Winning Film... Yet! which encouraged readers to distribute sets of Chick's 25-piece Bible Tract series along with copies of the film, as well as encouraging them to send money to the especially formed Light of the World Project.

And that brings us to the greatest mystery of the whole project. The Light of the World Project was an organization separate from Chick Publications with the express purpose of translating and distributing the movie in over a thousand languages (in the promotional video the head of the organization, Michael Helms, says a single translation would have cost six thousand bucks. This means that they were hoping to raise six million dollars!). We may never know how much they actually DID raise. Today, the project is defunct PDF. Their listed address is now being rented out to another church group, and their website went so barely noticed that not even the Wayback Machine was able to archive it. Given that Chick Publications currently sells the DVD in 23 languages, it's safe to say that the whole 1000 languages thing never panned out.


o The Film


o Chapter #1 - Creation & the Fall of Man

In a telling of the Adam and Eve story more remeniscient of Paradise Lost than of Genesis, God creates the earth, then casts down Satan when he rebels. Later, God finishes creating the world, creating a man and a woman - Adam and Eve - to live in the garden of Eden as long as they never eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Satan takes the form of a giant, iridescent, bipedal cobra with arms and legs and successfully tempts Adam and Eve into eating from the forbidden tree. God banishes Adam and Eve from Eden, and Satan takes control over the earth.

*Most listed image titles (with the exception of those sold by Chick Publications) are not official and have been provided here for reference purposes only

Index # Image Title* Timestamp Description Comments
1 LOTW1 The Holy Trinity 00:00:36 The triune Godhead depicted as three, interconnected balls of light • Genesis 1:1

•Similar to Earthman (099.1990.04A)

2 LOTW2 God Ball 00:00:42 God depicted as a ball of light.  

3 LOTW3 The Angel Lucifer 00:00:55 A pre-fallen Lucifer in space depicted before a nebula •Similar to Earthman (099.1990.04B)

4 LOTW4 Lucifer Thinking Emote 00:01:05 Lucifer thinking about overthrowing God.  

5 LOTW5 Lucifer Madness 00:01:21 Lucifer in the midst of madness during his attempt to take over Heaven.  

6 LOTW6 Angels Cast Down 00:01:30 Angels being cast down from Heaven to Hell  

7 LOTW7 Demons 00:01:36 The fallen angels assuming demonic visages.  

8 LOTW8 Earth From Moon 00:01:43 A view of Earth as shown from the Moon.  

9 LOTW9 Trinity Over the Earth 00:02:00 The Triune Godhead as three balls of light floating above Earth.  

10 LOTW10 God Creating Man From Dust 00:02:14 God creating man from dust. • Genesis 1:26

• Genesis 1:27

11 LOTW11 God Brings Man to Life 00:02:37 God giving life to Adam. • Genesis 2:7

•Similar to Earthman (099.1990.06B)

12 LOTW12 Adam Silhouette 00:02:39 A silhouette of Adam as hestands facing the Sun.  

13 LOTW13 Satan Overlooks Adam and Horse 00:02:44 Satan looking at Adam and a horse.  

14 LOTW14 Adam and the Animals 00:02:57 Adam in the Garden of Eden with various animals. •Similar to Earthman (099.1990.07A)

15 LOTW15 Adam Walks With God, Satan Watches 00:03:07 Satan watching Adam as he walks with God. •Similar to Earthman (099.1990.07B)

16 LOTW16 God Warns Adam of Tree 00:03:21 God warning Adam of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  

17 LOTW17 Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil 00:03:37 The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  

18 LOTW18 Thinker Adam 00:03:46 Adam sitting on a rock thinking. • Genesis 2:1b

19 LOTW19 Eve and Butterfly 00:03:55 Eve observing a butterfly on her hand. • Genesis 2:18

•Similar to Earthman (099.1990.09A)

20 LOTW20 Eve and the Serpent 00:04:05 Eve talking to the serpent.  

21 LOTW21 The Serpent Talks 00:04:14 The serpent talking to Eve and tempting her to eat the fruit.  

22 LOTW22 Adam and Eve Eat the Fruit 00:04:29 Adam and Eve eat the fruit fromthe Forbidden Tree. •Similar to Earthman (099.1990.11B)

23 LOTW23 Adam and Eve Die Spiritually 00:04:43 Adam and Eve experience spiritual death.  

24 LOTW24 Adam and Eve Confronted by Hand of God 00:04:51 God confronts Adam and Eve for eating the fruit.  

25 LOTW25 The Grim Reaper 00:05:06 The curse of death was placed on the Earth and all living things.  

26 LOTW26 Adam and Eve Cast Out, Angel With Flaming Sword 00:05:17 Adam and Eve are bainshed from the Garden of Eden. • Genesis 3:23

27 LOTW27 Satan Cheers on Mountain, Wears Red Undies 00:05:26 Satan celebrates the fall of Man.

28 LOTW28 Satan Holds The Earth in his Hands 00:05:38 Satan has a grip on the Earth.  


o Chapter #2 - God's Law & Man's Rebellion

Jack Chick's Old Testament Any% speedrun. Adam and Eve have sons, one of whom murders the other. As time passes, mankind becomes increasingly violent, and begins to worship idols and get tattoos. God singles out Abraham and Sarah to be the ancestors of His chosen people, the children of Israel, but their descendents find themselves enslaved to the Egyptians. God sends Moses to deliver His people, using a succession of plagues to ruin Egypt and free the Israelites. He then gives them the Ten Commandments, which they immediately break, leading to infanticide, idolatry and monarchy. God sends prophets to get them to behave but the prophets just get murdered and the Israelites get repeatedly enslaved.

Index # Image Title* Timestamp Description Comments
29 LOTW29 Cain and Abel 00:05:55 Cain and Abel as children.  

30 LOTW30 Cain Slays Abel 00:06:03 Cain murders Abel. •Similar to Earthman (099.1990.17B)

31 LOTW31 Man Led to Spike 00:06:16 A symbolic depiction of mankind's increasing violencec.  

32 LOTW32 Caged Man Burned 00:06:30 A symbolic depiction of mankind's increasing violence.  

33 LOTW33 Idol of Moloch 00:06:37 An idol of Moloch being worshipped.  

34 LOTW34 Piercings, Tattoos and Beards 00:06:53 A depiction of the evils of mankind.  

35 LOTW35 Young Abram and Sarai 00:07:08 Abraham and Sarai.  

36 LOTW36 Old Abraham and Sarah 00:07:17 Abraham and Sarah.  

37 LOTW37 Abraham and Sarah Hold Isaac 00:07:24 Abraham holds Isaac, firstborn of Abraham.  

38 LOTW38 Slaves in Egypt 00:07:34 The people of Israel enslaved by the Egyptians..  

39 LOTW39 Egyptian Whips Jew 00:07:43 A Jewish slave being whipped by an Egyptian.  

40 LOTW40 It's Moses 00:07:56 The appearance of Moses.  

41 LOTW41 Let My People Go 00:08:08 Moses asking the Pharoah to let the Israelites go. • Exodus 8:1

42 LOTW42 Aaron Turns the River to Blood 00:08:21 The first plague of Egypt: water turning to blood.

43 LOTW43 Egyptian Woman Spitting Blood 00:08:34 The first plague of Egypt: water turning to blood.  

44 LOTW44 Plague of Frogs 00:08:46 The second plague of Egypt: frogs.  

45 LOTW45 Pharoah's Heart Hardens 00:08:57 The Pharoah is unmoved by the plagues.  

46 LOTW46 Plague of Boils 00:09:06 The sixth plague of Egypt: boils afflicting man and livestock.  

47 LOTW47 Plague of Hailfire 00:09:16 The seventh plague of Egypt: thunderstorm of hail and fire.  

48 LOTW48 Woman and Baby 00:09:32 The tenth plague of Egypt: the death of all firstborn sons in Egypt.  

49 LOTW49 Blood Cross on Doorposts 00:09:40 The Israelites marking their doors with the blood of a lamb to be protected from God.  

50 LOTW50 Death of the Firstborn 00:09:52 The death of all firstborn in Egypt.  

51 LOTW51 Jesus Stops the Destroyer 00:10:04 The Destroyer is stopped from entering those with marked doors.  

52 LOTW52 Pharoah's Dead Son 00:10:16 The son of the Pharoah killed by the Destroyer.  

53 LOTW53 Pharoah Sends Moses Away 00:10:28 ThePharoah tells the Israelites to leave.  

54 LOTW54 The Israelites Depart 00:10:35 The Israelites celebrate their freedom.  

55 LOTW55 Moses at the Sphinx 00:10:52 Moses prepares the Israelites to leave Egpyt.  

56 LOTW56 Moses Leading the Exodus 00:11:04 Moses leads the Israelites in leaving Egypt. • Exodus 12:41

57 LOTW57 Moses Parts the Red Sea 00:11:18 Moses parting the Red Sea.

58 LOTW58 Chariots in the Red Sea 00:11:28 The pharoah pursues Moses across the Red Sea.  

59 LOTW59 Drowned Egyptians 00:11:41 The pursuing Egyptians are drowned when God closes the Red Sea. •Similar to Plagues (109.1991.19)

60 LOTW60 Moses With the Ten Commandments 00:11:50 Moses presents the Ten Commandments.  

61 LOTW61 Orgy at the Golden Calf 00:12:03 The Israelites engaged in sin.  

62 LOTW62 Marketplace 00:12:12 A symbolic depiction of Israel's decadence.  

63 LOTW63 King 00:12:20 The rise of Kings to rule over the Israelites.  

64 LOTW64 King and Idol 00:12:32 Kings engaged in idol worship.  

65 LOTW65 Baby Sacrifice to Idol of Canaan 00:12:45 King sacrificing infant to the idol of Canaan. • Psalm 106:38

66 LOTW66 Prophet Points at People 00:13:01 A prophet warning the Israelitesto serve God. •Seen in Jonah (JON.1994.06B)

67 LOTW67 Prophet Stoned to Death 00:13:12 A prophet being stoned to death by the Israelites. •Seen in Jonah (JON.1994.06C, Mirrored)

68 LOTW68 Burning City 00:13:25 The Israelites are captured and enslaved.  


o Chapter #3 - This Was Your Life!

We now interrupt this interpretation of Biblical narrative to give you a remake of Chick's most famous tract, This Was Your Life. A rich man is suddenly killed , and taken to the Great White Throne Judgement to be judged by God with the rest of the world's sinners. God commands an angel to open the Book of Life, and upon not finding the man's name, sends him away from His presence where another angel casts into the Lake of Fire.

Index # Image Title* Timestamp Description Comments
69 LOTW69 Modern Sinners 00:13:46 A symbolic depiction of 'modern-day' sinners. • Romans 3:23

70 LOTW70 This Was Your Life Guy 00:14:16 A seemingly well-off man used as an example for what happens in death.

71 LOTW71 Man Drinking in Front of Car 00:14:26 The same man and further depictions of his success. • Luke 12:19

72 LOTW72 Death Kills Man 00:14:43 The man dies, with the Grim Reaper representing death. • Luke 12:20

73 LOTW73 Angel Raises Man 00:14:57 An angel raise the man's soul from his body after death. • Hebrews 9:27

74 LOTW74 Funeral 00:15:05 A funeral for the man is held. • Isaiah 64:6

75 LOTW75 Man Carried Through Space by Angel 00:15:23 The man is carried by an angel through space towards Heaven. • Hebrews 10:31

•Seen in Jonah (JON.1994.22B)

76 LOTW76 Hell With Stone Archway 00:15:33 A depiction of Hell.

77 LOTW77 Angels Point Sinners to Judgement 00:15:52 Angels pointing sinners towards the Throne of Judgement.  

78 LOTW78 Ol' Faceless 00:16:11 God sitting upon the Throne of Judgement. Trope

• Revelation 20:11

79 LOTW79 Shipwreck 00:16:28 Angels retrieving those who died at sea. • Revelation 20:13

80 LOTW80 Death and Hell Deliver Up The Dead 00:16:34 Angels retrieving the dead from Hell.

81 LOTW81 Standing Before God 00:16:41 God sitting upon the Throne of Judgement gazing down. •Seen in Jonah (JON.1994.22C)

82 LOTW82 Shocked Sinners Judged 00:16:55 Sinners in a state of shock and anguish. • Revelation 20:12

83 LOTW83 Angel and Man Giving Account 00:17:03 An angel standing next to a man. • Matthew 12:36

84 LOTW84 God Pointing 00:17:12 God pointing for the angels to read from the Book of Life. •Seen in Jonah (JON.1994.23B)

85 LOTW85 Angel at Book of Life 00:17:23 An angel reading from the Book of Life. •Seen in Jonah (JON.1994.23A, Mirrored)

86 LOTW86 God Pointing to Hell 00:17:33 God telling the sinners to depart from Him and go unto Hell. • Matthew 25:41

87 LOTW87 Angel and Man at Cliff of Hell 00:17:44 An angel dragging a man towards the fires of Hell. • Matthew 25:46

88 LOTW88 Sinner Slinging 00:17:56 An angel throwing a sinner in the fires of Hell. • Matthew 20:15


89 LOTW89 "Tormented Forever" 00:18:06 A dragon with Satan in the sky over the lake of fire. Print for sale by Chick Publications

• Revelation 14:11

•Similar to Kitty in the Window (259.2016.21B)

•Similar to Look Out! (261.2016.03A & 261.2016.10A)


o Chapter #4 - Birth of Jesus Christ

Back to the story. The prophet Isaiah announces that a virgin shall conceive, causing Satan to keep a close watch on every virgin in Israel. Seven hundred years later, with Israel now occupied by the Roman Empire, God sends an angel to fill the Virgin Mary in on her impending unexpected pregnancy, then Jesus is zapped into her womb by the Holy Spirit. Satan attempts to destroy Mary and Jesus, first in a failed attempt to turn Joseph against her, then through a demonically inspired census forcing Mary and Joseph to travel to Bethlehem with Mary heavily pregnant, resulting in Jesus being born in a stable behind an inn. Upon the child's birth, angels appear to shepherds to announce the birth of Chirst.

Index # Image Title* Timestamp Description Comments
90 LOTW90 Angel and Molten Rocks 00:18:27 An angel in Hell. •Similar to Jonah (JON.1994.23C)

91 LOTW91 Praying Man and Woman 00:18:37 A man and a woman praying. • 2 Peter 3:9b

92 LOTW92 "Heavenly Home" 00:18:46 A depiction of Heaven. Print for sale by Chick Publications

•Seen in Jonah (JON.1994.30C) and others

93 LOTW93 Jews Pray for Messiah 00:19:07 A Jewish man praying for the Messiah. •Seen in Jonah (JON.1994.24B)

94 LOTW94 Isaiah and the People 00:19:18 Isaiah prophecising to the people.  

95 LOTW95 Isaiah Closeup 00:19:31 A closeup of Isaiah procephising about a virgin giving birth to a son (Isaiah 7:14). • Isaiah 7:14

96 LOTW96 Satan and Man at Scroll 00:19:43 Satan overshadowing a man looking at a scroll.

97 LOTW97 Romans March Into City 00:19:53 The Roman Army marching into Jerusalem. •Seen in Jonah (JON.1994.24A)

98 LOTW98 Romans on Horseback 00:20:04 A frontal shot of the Roman Army marching into Jerusalem.  

99 LOTW99 Roman Beats the Shit out of Jewish Man 00:20:13 Romans beating up the population.  

100 LOTW100 Gabriel Flying Over the Earth 00:20:27 Gabriel flying over the Earth. •Seen in Jonah (JON.1994.25A)

101 LOTW101 Devils Watching Angel 00:20:37 Devils watching Gabriel flying over the Earth.  

102 LOTW102 Mary Pours Water 00:20:47 Mary pouring water.  

103 LOTW103 Gabriel Appears to Mary 00:20:59 Gabriel appears before Mary. •Seen in Jonah (JON.1994.25B)

104 LOTW104 Gabriel Close to Mary 00:21:12 Close-up of Gabriel talking to Mary. • Luke 1:31

• Seen again at 21:37, Mirrored

105 LOTW105 Mary Shocked 00:21:21 Mary shocked at Gabriel's message. • Luke 1:32-33

106 LOTW106 Gabriel and Mary Profile 00:21:28 Side shot of Gabriel talking to Mary. • Luke 1:34

107 LOTW107 Mary Astonished 00:21:42 Mary astonished at the message that she will have a son. • Luke 1:35

• Luke 1:38

108 LOTW108 Shooting Star Jesus 00:21:53 A symbolic representation of Jesus heading to Earth.

109 LOTW109 Beam of Light Into Mary's House 00:22:06 A symbolic representation of the Holy Spirit entering Mary.  

110 LOTW110 Mary Visits Elizabeth 00:22:21 Mary visits Elizabeth.. • Luke 1:41

111 LOTW111 Elizabeth Filled with Holy Ghost 00:22:35 Elizabeth filled with the Holy Spirit.  

112 LOTW112 Mary Crying 00:22:46 Mary crying and praising God. • Luke 1:42

113 LOTW113 Mary and Joseph 00:22:57 Mary and Joseph engaged in conversation.

114 LOTW114 Joseph and Satan 00:23:15 Satan standing behind Joseph.  

115 LOTW115 Joseph 00:23:28 Close-up of Joseph.  

116 LOTW116 Angel Appears to Joseph 00:23:35 An angel appears to Joseph.  

117 LOTW117 Angel Makes Weird Face at Joseph 00:23:49 The angel explains to Joseph regarding Mary's pregnancy. • Matthew 1:20

118 LOTW118 Wedding of Mary and Joseph 00:23:57 The wedding of Mary and Joseph. • Matthew 1:21

119 LOTW119 Satan and Caesar Augustus 00:24:05 Satan influencing Caesar.  

120 LOTW120 Roman Reading Decree 00:24:18 A Roman Legionaire reads an imperial decree.  

121 LOTW121 Sheep Overlooking Bethlehem 00:24:28 Shepard and sheep overlooking Bethlehem.  

122 LOTW122 Mary Rides Donkey to Bethlehem 00:24:41 Mary and Joseph head to Bethlehem while Satan watches.  

123 LOTW123 Jesus is Born 00:24:56 The birth of Jesus.  

124 LOTW124 Laid in a Manger 00:25:05 Jesus is laid in a manger. • Luke 2:7

125 LOTW125 Angel Appears to Shepards 00:25:17 An angel appears to some shepards.  

126 LOTW126 Angel Waves to Shepards 00:25:27 The angel tells the shepards about the birth of Jesus.  

127 LOTW127 Like, All the Angels Turn Up 00:25:39 More angels appear before the shepards. • Luke 2:10, 11

128 LOTW128 Baby Jesus 00:25:51 A depiction of baby Jesus. • Luke 2:13

•Seen in Jonah (JON.1994.25D, Mirrored)


o Chapter #5 - His Youth

Jesus is circumcised and named, Mary sacrifices two turtledoves then takes the Baby Jesus to see an extremely old man so that he can die happy. A whole convoy of Wise Men show up with gifts for the infant Jesus. When King Herod finds out what's going on, he orders every male infant be killed, but an angel warns Joseph in a dream to flee to Egypt, so he, Mary and Jesus escape the slaughter. When Jesus is 12 years old, the family visits Jerusalem for the Passover feast, and Jesus goes off to the Great Temple to debate the doctors and priests. Another 18 years later, Jesus is baptized by John The Baptist, and God announces him to be His son. Jesus is then led into the desert to be tempted by Satan, who just gets a verbal beatdown for his troubles. Jesus begins his ministry, calling people to repent and love their enemies, and smashing up the money changers' tables in the Temple of God.

Index # Image Title* Timestamp Description Comments
129 LOTW129 Hand of God Creating Planets 00:26:13 A depcition of the Hand of God creating the universe. • John 1:10

•Seen in Jonah (JON.1994.24C)

130 LOTW130 All the Fish Created 00:26:32 God creating all the fish in the universe, using Earth fish as a symbolic example. • John 1:1-2

131 LOTW131 All the Birds Created 00:26:36 God creating all the birds in the universe, using Earth birds as a symbolic example. • John 1:3

132 LOTW132 All the Mammals Created 00:26:41 God creating all the mammals in the universe, using Earth mammals as a symbolic example.  

133 LOTW133 Jesus is Circumcised 00:26:48 Jesus is circumcised. • Luke 2:21

134 LOTW134 Two Turtledoves 00:27:05 Two turtedoves in a cage to be sacrificed.  

135 LOTW135 Mary 00:27:13 A depiction of Mary after the birth of Jesus.  

136 LOTW136 Simeon at Curtain 00:27:31 Simeon at the temple..  

137 LOTW137 Simeon Holds Baby Jesus 00:27:50 Simeon holding Jesus. • Luke 2:26

138 LOTW138 The Christmas Star and The Wise Men 00:27:59 The Three Wise Men see the Christmas Star in the sky depicting the birth of Jesus. • Luke 2:30

139 LOTW139 Wise Men and Herod 00:28:16 The Three Wise Men approach King Herod. • Matthew 2:2

140 LOTW140 Herod is Troubled 00:28:31 Herod troubled upon hearing about the birth of Jesus. • Matthew 2:3

141 LOTW141 Herod Gathers the Priests 00:28:40 Herod gathers the priests to discuss the birth of Jesus.  

142 LOTW142 Wise Men Reach Jesus's House 00:28:56 The Wise Men arrive in Bethlehem. • Matthew 2:4

143 LOTW143 Wise Men Worship Toddler Jesus 00:29:13 The Three Wise Men worship and offer gifts to Jesus. • Matthew 2:9

144 LOTW144 Gifts of the Magi 00:29:26 The Three Wise Men offer their gifts to Jesus and Mary.  

145 LOTW145 Wise Men Closeup 00:29:36 The Three Wise Men decide to not return to Herod. • Matthew 2:11

146 LOTW146 Wise Men Leave 00:29:48 The Three Wise Men depart Bethlehem. • Matthew 2:12

147 LOTW147 Angel Tells Joseph to Leave 00:29:57 An angel tells Joseph to leave Bethleham.  

148 LOTW148 Off to Egypt 00:30:17 Joseph, Mary and Jesus depart for Egypt. • Matthew 2:13

149 LOTW149 Satan and Herod 00:30:28 Satan influences Herod. • Matthew 2:14

150 LOTW150 Herod Commands the Death of the Babies 00:30:37 Herod orders the death of all babies born in Bethlehem. • Matthew 2:16

151 LOTW151 Baby Closeup 00:30:55 A baby about to be killed by a soldier of Herod.  

152 LOTW152 Screaming Woman, Bloody Spear 00:31:04 A woman crying as her baby is killed by a soldier of Herod.  

153 LOTW153 Slaughter of the Innocents 00:31:23 Multiple innocents lying dead while others weep. • Matthew 2:17-18

154 LOTW154 Young Jesus Learns Carpentry 00:31:35 Young Jesus learning carpentry from Joseph.  

155 LOTW155 Family Trip to Jerusalem 00:31:54 Joseph, Mary and Jesus head to Jerusalem for Passover. • Luke 2:40

156 LOTW156 Jesus and the Sacrificial Lamb 00:32:08 A symbolic depiction that Jesus understands he is to be sacrificed for the salvation of mankind. • Luke 2:41-42

157 LOTW157 Young Jesus and the Doctors 00:32:29 Jesus at the temple asking questions of the doctors.  

158 LOTW158 Satan Watches 00:32:43 Satan watches Jesus in the temple with the doctors. • Luke 2:46b

159 LOTW159 Astonished Doctors 00:32:48 The doctors were astonished at the level of understanding shown by Jesus.  

160 LOTW160 God Writes the Ten Commandments 00:32:59 God writing the Ten Commandments.  

161 LOTW161 Mary and Joseph Find Jesus 00:33:14 Joseph and Mary find Jesus at the temple.  

162 LOTW162 Jesus is a Smartass Little Shit 00:33:29 Jesus explains He was conducting business on behalf of God. • Luke 2:48a

163 LOTW163 John the Baptist Points at the People 00:33:44 John the Baptist prophecises regarding Jesus. • Luke 2:49, 52

164 LOTW164 John the Baptist Closeup 00:33:58 John the Baptist continues to prophecise about Jesus.  

165 LOTW165 Jesus Comes to be Baptised 00:34:06 Jesus comes to John the Baptist to be baptised. • John 1:26b-27

166 LOTW166 Jesus is Baptised 00:34:24 Jesus is baptised. • John 1:29b

167 LOTW167 Dove 00:34:32 A symbolic depiction of the spirit of God descending from the heavens. • Matthew 3:16

168 LOTW168 Dove Over Jesus 00:34:43 A symbolic depiction of the spirit of God hovering over Jesus. • Matthew 3:17

169 LOTW169 Jesus Goes to the Desert 00:34:54 Jesus heads into the desert and fasts for 40 days.  

170 LOTW170 Satan Tempts Jesus 00:35:10 Satan tempts Jesus.  

171 LOTW171 Jesus Rebukes Satan 00:35:24 Jesus rebukes Satan. • Matthew 4:10

172 LOTW172 Angels Minister to Jesus 00:35:41 Angels minister to Jesus after his fast. • Matthew 4:11

173 LOTW173 Jesus Says Repent 00:35:50 Jesus preaches to the people to repent.. • Matthew 4:17b

•Seen in Jonah (JON.1994.26A, Mirrored)

174 LOTW174 Jesus Says Love Your Enemy 00:35:59 Jesus preaches regarding loving your enemies.  

175 LOTW175 Stunned People 00:36:10 The people are astonished by the teachings of Jesus. • Matthew 5:44

176 LOTW176 Temple Leaders and Beggar 00:36:19 A depiction showing the hypocritical actions of the religious leaders. • John 7:46b

177 LOTW177 The Temple Marketplace 00:36:35 A depiction of the corruption of God's law by the religious leaders by a marketplace within the temple.  

178 LOTW178 Jesus Smash! 00:36:48 Jesus drives the corrupted marketeers from the temple.  

179 LOTW179 Oh F%%&, Jesus has a Whip 00:36:56 Jesus proclaims for the people to not corrupt his father's house (the temple). • John 2:16


o Chapter #6 - Ministry

Jesus heals a leper, multiplies fishes and loaves, walks on water, raises Lazarus from the dead, casts out demons, all the Greatest Hits. This earns him the ire of the religious establishmnent, who he openly calls out, causing them to sweat profusely. Jesus goes about declaring that anyone who believes in him is not condemned, and anyone who doesn't believe in him is condemned already. He declares himself "the way, the truth and the life," which enrages his enemies even further.

Index # Image Title* Timestamp Description Comments
180 LOTW180 Leper Worships Jesus 00:37:08 A leper comes to Jesus and worships him.  

181 LOTW181 Jesus Lays Hand on Leper 00:37:37 Jesus lays His hands on a leper, curing him.  

182 LOTW182 Leper Healed 00:37:36 The leper is cured of his illness. • Matthew 8:2-3

183 LOTW183 Jesus Feeds the 5000 00:37:41 Jesus feeds the multitude with 2 fishes and 5 loaves of bread.  

184 LOTW184 Jesus Heals The Multitude 00:37:59 Jesus heals the sick in the multitude of people. •Seen in Jonah (JON.1994.26B)

185 LOTW185 Jesus Walks on Water 00:38:12 Jesus walks on water. • Matthew 14:14

186 LOTW186 Jesus Looks Up 00:38:32 Jesus looks towards the Heavens. • Matthew 14:27

187 LOTW187 Lazarus Dead 00:38:51 Jesus at the grave of Lazarus. • John 11:25

188 LOTW188 Jesus Raises Lazarus 00:39:05 Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. • John 11:43

189 LOTW189 Jesus Casts Out Demons 00:39:22 Jesus casts out demons. • John 11:44

190 LOTW190 Jesus Confronts the Pharisees 00:39:37 Jesus confronting the Pharisees. • Matthew 8:16

191 LOTW191 Satan Controlling the Temple Leaders 00:39:51 Satan influences the temple leaders to believe Jesus has powers from Satan.  

192 LOTW192 Jesus Rebukes the Temple Leaders 00:40:10 Jesus rebuking the temple leaders. • John 8:44

193 LOTW193 Satan Getting God's Permission 00:40:27 Satan seeking God's permission to move against people. • John 8:44b-45

194 LOTW194 Satan's Cool Throne 00:40:41 Satan sitting on his throne in Hell.  

195 LOTW195 Pharisees Setting Trap 00:40:50 The Pharisees try to set a trap for Jesus. • Matthew 22:17

196 LOTW196 Pharisees ask Jesus About Taxes 00:41:00 Jesus answering the Pharisees.  

197 LOTW197 Roman Coin 00:41:13 Jesus holding a Roman coin.  

198 LOTW198 Render Unto Caesar 00:41:23 Jesus telling the Pharisees to render unto Caesar's what is Caesar's and what is God's to God.  

199 LOTW199 They Marvelled and Left 00:41:36 The pharisees marvelled at his answer and left.  

200 LOTW200 Jesus Points at Pharisees 00:41:43 Jesus exposes the Pharisees as hypocrites. • Matthew 22:18-22

•Seen in Jonah (JON.1994.27B, Mirrored)

201 LOTW201 Extremely Sweaty Guy 00:41:59 The Pharisees are hurt by the words of Jesus. • Matthew 23:27

202 LOTW202 Jesus Preaches at Fancy Temple 00:42:19 Jesus preaching about being the Saviour of Mankind. • Matthew 23:33

203 LOTW203 People on Fire in Hell 00:42:39 A depiction of people burning in Hell.  

204 LOTW204 Jesus in Red and White 00:42:53 Jesus preaching to a crowd of people. • John 3:17-18

205 LOTW205 Jesus Overlooks Lake 00:43:12 Jesus overlooking a lake. • John 5:24

206 LOTW206 Jesus at Sunset 00:43:26 Jesus preaching that he is the way, the truth and the life. • John 1:4

207 LOTW207 Pharisees are Very Cross 00:43:44 The Pharisees are angry at Jesus and His words. • John 14:6

•Seen in Jonah (JON.1994.27A)


o Chapter #7 - Betrayal & Conviction

Jesus enters Jerusalem riding a donkey, while Satan moves to plot his death. At the Last Supper, Jesus explains to his disciples that he is to shed his blood and die, breaking bread to symbolize this. Satan enters into Jesus's disciple Judas, who betrays Jesus for 30 silver. Satan summons his forces in a dramatic display. That night, Jesus agonizes in the garden of Gethsemane, sweating blood. Judas turns up and kisses Jesus on the cheek to identify him, at which point he is arrested. Jesus is taken to the High Priest where he is beaten to a pulp, then taken to Pontius Pilate, who has him scourged to pieces... and which we are treated to in graphic detail.

Index # Image Title* Timestamp Description Comments
208 LOTW208 Jesus Enters Jerusalem on a Donkey 00:44:00 Jesus enters Jerusalem riding on a donkey.  

209 LOTW209 Jesus Looks at Palm Sunday Crowd 00:44:14 Jesus observing the crowd as he enters Jerusalem. • Mark 15:13

210 LOTW210 Satan Influence Thinking Pharisee 00:44:24 Satan influencing the Pharisees.  

211 LOTW211 Disciples and Donkey 00:44:39 The disciples are excited about Jesus entering Jerusalem.  

212 LOTW212 The Last Supper 00:44:51 The Last Supper with Jesus and His disciples.  

213 LOTW213 Breaking Bread 00:45:01 Jesus giving bread to His disciples as a symbol of His body.  

214 LOTW214 The Cup of a Carpenter 00:45:18 Jesus giving wine to His disciples as a symbol of His blood.  

215 LOTW215 Satan Enters Judas 00:45:31 Satan influences Judas to turn against God.  

216 LOTW216 Judas by Moonlight 00:45:50 Judas travel to the Pharisees to betray Jesus. •Seen in Jonah (JON.1994.27C)

217 LOTW217 Judas Gets His Money 00:45:56 Judas betrays Jesus and is paid 30 pieces of silver.  

218 LOTW218 Satan Summons Dark Forces 00:46:01 Satan summons dark forces.  

219 LOTW219 Walking Into Gethsemane 00:46:17 Jesus and the disciples head to Gethsemane.  

220 LOTW220 Jesus Sweating Blood 00:46:27 Jesus praying fervently. Hematidrosis

221 LOTW221 Jesus Anguished on Rock 00:46:36 Jesus in anguish on a rock, sweating as though bleeding. • Luke 22:44

222 LOTW222 Jesus Buries Face in Hands, Still Sweating Blood 00:46:44 Jesus continues to be in anguish and swet as though bleeding.  

223 LOTW223 Jesus Prays as Cops Approach 00:46:57 Jesus pray as the Pharisees and the soldiers approach. • 1 Peter 2:22

224 LOTW224 Jesus Agonising 00:47:15 Jesus agonising as He prepares to be betrayed. • Matthew 26:39

225 LOTW225 Here Comes Judas 00:47:28 Judas approaches with some soldiers. • Matthew 26:45

226 LOTW226 Judas Says ''Whosoever I Kiss'' 00:47:42 Judas says to the soldiers Whoever I kiss is Jesus. • Mark 14:43

227 LOTW227 Judas Kisses Jesus 00:47:52 Judas kisses Jesus, identifying Him to the soldiers. • Matthew 26:48

228 LOTW228 Jesus Grabbed 00:48:03 Jesus is accosted by the soldiers. • Luke 22:48

229 LOTW229 Ear Cut 00:48:09 One of the disciples cuts an ear off one of the servants of the High Priest. • Matthew 26:50

230 LOTW230 Ear Fix 00:48:19 Jesus repairs the cut-off ear. • Matthew 26:51

231 LOTW231 Put Up Sword 00:48:26 Jesus telling his disciples to put away their swords. • Luke 22:51

232 LOTW232 Jesus Admonishes Disciples 00:48:38 Jesus admonishes his disciples for violence. • Matthew 26:52

233 LOTW233 72,000 Angels 00:48:50 A depiction of the legions of angels that Jesus could call upon for aid.  

234 LOTW234 Satan and Torch Mob 00:49:06 Satan lurking within the mob of people sent to capture Jesus.  

235 LOTW235 Jesus Led Away 00:49:20 Jesus is led away from Gethsamane. •Seen in Jonah (JON.1994.27D)

236 LOTW236 Priest Points at Jesus 00:49:32 The priests point and accuse Jesus. • Matthew 26:57

237 LOTW237 Priest Accusing 00:49:41 The priests continue to accuse Jesus of being Christ. • Matthew 26:59

238 LOTW238 Jesus Says 'I Am' 00:49:49 Jesus proclaims to be The Christ. • Mark 14:61-62

•Seen in Jonah (JON.1994.28A)

•Similar to But Everyone Does It (283.2023.15A)

239 LOTW239 High Priest Tears Clothes 00:49:54 The High Priest tearing his clothes in anger over blasphemy. • Matthew 26:65

240 LOTW240 Priest Closeup 00:50:02 A closeup of the priest.  

241 LOTW241 Angry Priests 00:50:08 A depcition of the angry priests. • Matthew 26:65-66

242 LOTW242 Jesus Bitch-Slapped 00:50:15 Jesus is assaulted and spit upon.  

243 LOTW243 Jesus Bound 00:50:22 Jesus is bound and taken to Pontius Pilate. • Matthew 26:67

244 LOTW244 Finger in Jesus's Face 00:50:34 The priests point and accuse Jesus in front of Pilate. • Matthew 27:2

245 LOTW245 Taken to Pilate 00:50:40 The priests continue to accuse Jesus of blasphemy in front of Pilate. • Matthew 27:12

246 LOTW246 Pilate Asks Jesus 00:51:01 Pontius Pilate asks Jesus if He is the the King of the Jews. • Isaiah 53:7

247 LOTW247 Pilate Extreme Closeup 00:51:14 Pilate considers his next move as he is politically trapped. • Mark 15:2

248 LOTW248 Jews Throw Up Arms, Bloody Jesus in Background 00:51:31 The Jewish people are enraged at Pilate finding no fault with Jesus. • Luke 23:4

249 LOTW249 Pilate Raises Eyebrow 00:51:42 Pilate considers the release of a prisoner due to Passover.  

250 LOTW250 Barabbas in Jail 00:51:53 Barabbas in jail, to be brought before the people.  

251 LOTW251 Jesus or Barabbas 00:52:03 Pilate asks the crowd to choose between Jesus or Barabbas.  

252 LOTW252 Pilate Presents Jesus 00:52:19 Pilate present Jesus to the crowd asking what shall be done to him. • John 18:40

253 LOTW253 Pilate and Black-Eyed Jesus 00:52:31 Pilate decides for Jesus to be scourged. • Mark 15:13

254 LOTW254 Jesus Taken Off to be Scourged 00:52:46 Jesus is taken away to be scourged.  

255 LOTW255 Four Soldiers Take Jesus 00:52:56 Jesus surrounded by four soldiers as he is taken to be scourged.  

256 LOTW256 Jesus Tied to Beam 00:53:12 Jesus is tied to an overhead beam to be scourged.  

257 LOTW257 Bound Wrists 00:53:25 The wrists of Jesus are dhown bound. • Isaiah 50:6

258 LOTW258 Guy With Whip 00:53:33 A man approaches holding the scourge.  

259 LOTW259 Sharp Whip Detail 00:53:48 A close-up of one of the tails of the scourge as it strikes Jesus.  

260 LOTW260 Torn Skin Detail 00:54:07 A close-up of the skin being torn by the scourge.  

261 LOTW261 The Scourging 00:54:22 Jesus is scourged. • Isaiah 53:5


o Chapter #8 - Crucifixion & Resurrection

A crown of thorns is mashed onto Jesus's head, who is then beaten up even more and spat upon. Jesus is returned to Pilate, who seeks to release Jesus, but seeing that he's lost control of the situation, literally washes his hands of the affair and hands him over to be crucified. Jesus is forced to carry his cross to Golgotha. He is crucified alongside two thieves who don't get mentioned again because the video needs to spend more time focusing on Jesus's wounds and pain in graphic medical detail. Eventually he dies and is buried, and three days later he raises himself from the dead and starts yelling lines from Revelation at nobody in particular. Satan starts yelling at the cross, defeated. Jesus appears to over 500 witnesses, commands them to preach the Gospel to every creature. We then swing by hell for a while to watch various sinners getting chucked into the Lake of Fire.

Index # Image Title* Timestamp Description Comments
262 LOTW262 The Crown of Thorns 00:54:32 The Crown of Thorns.  

263 LOTW263 Crown of Thorns Jammed on Jesus's Head 00:54:45 The Crown of Thorns is placed on the head of Jesus.  

264 LOTW264 SplatterChrist 00:54:54 The soldiers force the Crown of Thorns onto Jesus post-scourging.  

265 LOTW265 Torn Up Back 00:55:05 Jesus has His clothes torn and a purple robe placed on him.  

266 LOTW266 Demons on Scourging Post 00:55:13 Jesus is mocked by the soldiers as The King of the Jews.  

267 LOTW267 Soldiers Bitch-Slap Jesus 00:55:25 The soldiers assault Jesus. • Matthew 27:29

268 LOTW268 Spitting on Jesus 00:55:36 The soldiers spit on Jesus. • Isaiah 50:6b

269 LOTW269 Thumbs Up Pilate 00:55:58 Pontius Pilate boasting about having the power to release or crucify Jesus. • Isaiah 53:3

270 LOTW270 Bloodied Jesus Before Pilate 00:56:10 A beaten and bloodied Jesus is presented to Pontius Pilate.  

271 LOTW271 Jesus Points at Pilate 00:56:22 A flashback to Jesus preaching to Pontius Pilate. • John 19:11

272 LOTW272 Smirking Priest 00:56:39 A priest smirking. • John 10:17b-18a

273 LOTW273 Riled Up Crowd Member 00:56:56 Satan influencing the emtions of the crowd. • John 19:12b

274 LOTW274 Ecce Homo But Satan and the Demons are Behind the Crowd 00:57:10 A depiction of the influence of Satan on the crowd observing Jesus.  

275 LOTW275 Jews With Glowing Red Eyes 00:57:25 A depiction of the crowd under the influence of Satan with glowing eyes. • John 19:14b-15b

276 LOTW276 Pilate Washes His Hands 00:57:43 Pilate washing his hands of the blood fo Jesus. • Luke 23:21b

277 LOTW277 Blood Curse 00:57:59 A curse placed upon the crowd as a result of Satan's influence. • Matthew 27:24b

278 LOTW278 Pilate Delivers Jesus to be Crucified 00:58:15 Pilate delivers Jesus to be crucified. • Matthew 27:25

279 LOTW279 Jesus Given Cross 00:58:21 Jesus is given the cross to be carried.  

280 LOTW280 Jesus Carries Cross 00:58:41 Jesus carrying the cross to Golgotha.  

281 LOTW281 Dragging Cross Through Streets 00:58:54 Jesus continues to carry the cross through the streets.  

282 LOTW282 Hands in Jesus's Face 00:59:14 Hands reaching to torment Jesus as he carries the cross. • Isaiah 53:4

283 LOTW283 Guy Gets a Chunk of Beard 00:59:26 A member of the crowd holding a piece of the bloody beard of Jesus. • Isaiah 50:6

•Similar to Jonah (JON.1994.28C)

284 LOTW284 Dog and Children at Blood Trail 00:59:36 Children and animals gather at the trail of blood left by Jesus as he carries the cross.  

285 LOTW285 Satan Watches Jesus Carry Cross Out 00:59:52 Satan watches Jesus carrying the cross out of Jerusalem and to Golgotha.  

286 LOTW286 Horrified Angels 00:59:59 Angels watching in horror as Jesus carries the cross.  

287 LOTW287 Woman Covers Child's Eyes as Jesus Passes 01:00:05 A woman covers the eyes of her child as Jesus walks past.  

288 LOTW288 Satan Points up to Golgotha 01:00:18 Satan points to Golgotha where Jesus is to be crucified.  

289 LOTW289 Laying Down on Cross 01:00:27 Jesus is laid down on the cross.  

290 LOTW290 Hammer and Nails 01:00:36 The soldiers look down on Jesus as they prepare to drive nails through His wrists and feet.  

291 LOTW291 Wrist Nailed 01:00:43 The wrists of Jesus are nailed to the cross. •Similar to Jonah (JON.1994.29A)

292 LOTW292 Feet Nailed 01:00:47 The feet of Jesus are nailed to the cross. • Psalm 22:16

293 LOTW293 Raising The Cross 01:00:54 The cross bearing Jesus is raised from the ground.  

294 LOTW294 Cross Enters Hole 01:01:03 A close-up of the mound dug for the base of the cross to stand in. • John 12:32

295 LOTW295 Cross Set Up 01:01:09 The cross with Jesus is raised and set. • John 15:13

296 LOTW296 Golgotha 01:01:18 Golgotha, where Jesus and two thieves were also crucified alongside Jesus.  

297 LOTW297 Dice Game 01:01:36 The soldiers gambling on winning the clothes of Jesus. • Mark 15:27-28

298 LOTW298 Father, Forgive Them 01:01:50 Jesus praying for His Father to forgive his tormentors.  

299 LOTW299 Mocking Onlookers 01:02:05 Jesus is mocked by the onlookers at His crucifixion. • Luke 23:34

300 LOTW300 Mocking Priests 01:02:14 Jesus is mocked by the priests at His crucifixion. • Mark 15:30

301 LOTW301 Shrugging Priest at Cross 01:02:25 The priests continue to mock Jesus. • Mark 15:31

302 LOTW302 Medical Card 1 01:02:37 A medical description of the crucificxion. • Mark 15:32a

303 LOTW303 Medical Card 2 01:02:46 Describing the agony of the crucifixion medically involving supporting himself to breathe.  

304 LOTW304 Medical Card 3 01:02:58 Imagery and medical description of the pain from the median nerves in the wrists having a nail driven through them  

305 LOTW305 Medical Card 4 01:03:10 Imagery and medical description of the pain from the nails driven through the feet of Jesus.  

306 LOTW306 Medical Card 5 01:03:19 Medical description about the body of Jesus slumping due to leg convulsions.  

307 LOTW307 Medical Card 6 01:03:26 Medical description about His body hitting the cross repeatedly due to the cycle of leg convulsions and pain.  

308 LOTW308 Medical Card 7 01:03:30 Medical description and imagery regarding the inhalation of air but restricted exhalation.  

309 LOTW309 Roman Watches Jesus at Rainy Cross 01:03:43 A Roman soldier watches Jesus being crucified.  

310 LOTW310 Rain on Bloody Arm 01:03:53 An image of rain hitting the bloody arm of Jesus on the cross.  

311 LOTW311 Mother Mary and Mary Magdelene 01:04:15 Mother Mary and Mary Magdelene weeping at the crucifixion of Jesus. • Isaiah 52:14

312 LOTW312 Demons Dogpiling Jesus 01:04:29 Demons observing Jesus on the cross.  

313 LOTW313 Suffering Christ 01:04:39 Christ suffering on the cross. Trope

314 LOTW314 Blood on Rainy Ground 01:04:58 The blood of Jesus on the wet ground. • John 3:16

315 LOTW315 Lightning 01:05:17 Lightning at the crucifixion of Jesus. • Acts 20:28; Rev 1:5

316 LOTW316 High Shot of Cross 01:05:22 A depcition of Jesus on the cross from behind looking down on the onlookers.  

317 LOTW317 The Sky Darkens 01:05:31 The sky darkens as Jesus is crucified.  

318 LOTW318 Torches Lit Near Jesus 01:05:41 The soldiers light torches as a result of the darkened skies.  

319 LOTW319 Satan Gloats 01:05:52 Satan gloating as Jesus cries out in pain about God forsaking Him. • Mark 15:34b

320 LOTW320 Jesus Forsook 01:06:03 Jesus in despairand angusih as He is crucified. • John 1:29

321 LOTW321 It Is Finished 01:06:10 Jesus crying out "It is finished." before He dies. • John 19:30

322 LOTW322 Jesus Dies 01:06:26 Jesus dies on the cross after commending His spirit to God.  

323 LOTW323 Roman Points to Dead Jesus 01:06:40 A Roman soldier points to Jesus on the cross to check if He has died. • Luke 23:46

324 LOTW324 Speared in the Side 01:06:47 The Roman soldier pierces the side of Christ with a spear.  

325 LOTW325 Truly This Man Was The Son of God 01:06:59 A centurion proclaims that Jesus was the Son of God. • John 19:34

326 LOTW326 Jesus Taken Down 01:07:16 The body of Jesus is taken down from the cross and buried. • Mark 15:39

327 LOTW327 Judas Hangs Himself 01:07:27 Judas hangs himself for his betrayal.  

328 LOTW328 Disciples in Hiding 01:07:41 The disciples in hiding, gripped by uncertainty for their future.  

329 LOTW329 Light Behind the Stone 01:07:51 A light behind the stone serving as the door to the tomb of Jesus.  

330 LOTW330 He is Risen 01:08:09 Jesus is risen from the dead. •Similar to Jonah (JON.1994.30A)

331 LOTW331 Glowing Jesus Leaves Tomb 01:08:23 Jesus leaves the tomb.  

332 LOTW332 Jesus Holds Keys of Hell. Carter Sucks At Drawing A Rainbow 01:08:36 Jesus in Heaven holding the keys to Hel and death.. • Revelation 1:8

333 LOTW333 Angels Appears to the Women 01:08:54 An angel appears to women bearing spices to anoit the body of Jesus. • Revelation 1:18

334 LOTW334 Angel Tells Women Jesus is Back 01:09:08 The angel tells the women that Jesus is risen and to tell His disciples.  

335 LOTW335 Satan Facepalming 01:09:25 Satan and Hell are defeated. • Matthew 28:5-7

336 LOTW336 Satan Defeated at Cross 01:09:36 Satan rages at the site of Jesus's crucifixion.  

337 LOTW337 Overjoyed Witnesses 01:09:47 The resurrected Jesus is seen by several witnesses. • 1 Corinthians 2:8

338 LOTW338 Pointing Jesus with Nail Prints 01:09:58 Jesus tells His disciples to go forth into the world and preach the gospel.  

339 LOTW339 "Lost Without Christ" 01:10:14 A depiction of Hell for those who are without Christ. • Mark 16:15

Print for sale by Chick Publications


o Chapter #9 - Invitation to Receive Jesus

Back on Earth... Jesus wraps up his ministry and ascends into Heaven. The narrator then addresses the viewer, saying that they too can be saved, before going off on one about how Satan has spent the time since his defeat inventing Buddhism, Catholicism, Islam, and according to the pictures, the United Nations. We wrap up with an altar call where the narrator leads the audience through the Sinner's Prayer. Then the film simply and unceremoniously ends. No credits or logos.

Index # Image Title* Timestamp Description Comments
340 LOTW340 Jesus Makes Promise 01:11:44 Jesus making a promise of eternal life for those who receive Him and believe in Him.  

341 LOTW341 Entrance to Heavenly Mansion 01:12:03 A depiction of an entrance to a heavenly mansion that awaits those who believe in Jesus. • John 14:1

342 LOTW342 Streets of Gold 01:12:16 A depiction of Heaven with streets of gold. • John 14:2

343 LOTW343 Jesus Ascends 01:12:32 Jesus ascending into Heaven. • John 14:3

344 LOTW344 He's got the Whole World in His Hands 01:12:48 Jesus holding the whole world in His hands. • Matthew 28:18; Acts 1:9-11

•Similar to Earthman (099.1990.20A)

•Similar to Jonah (JON.1994.26C) and others

345 LOTW345 Crying Woman Repents 01:13:21 A woman crying as she repents of her sins and accepts Christ. • John 14:6

346 LOTW346 Satan at the UN and Vatican 01:13:37 Satan influencing the Unieted Nations and the Catholic Church. • Romans 10:9

347 LOTW347 Satan's Claws 01:13:48 Satan symbolically blinding people to the Gospel.  

348 LOTW348 Person Led by Two Demons to Hell, Wearing Rosary 01:13:59 A depiction of a believer of Catholicism being led to Hell.  

349 LOTW349 Buddha 01:14:07 A statue of Buddha and how Buddhism is pulling you away from God.  

350 LOTW350 Queen of Heaven 01:14:21 A depiction of the Queen of Heaven (Mary) as believed in Catholicism.  

351 LOTW351 Pope 01:14:35 The Pope of the Catholic Church praying to a statue of Mary. • Deuteronomy 27:15a

352 LOTW352 Ka'Ba 01:14:52 A depiction of Ka'Ba, detailing how Islam is a product of Satan. • Exodus 20:5

353 LOTW353 Digging Up Allah 01:14:58 An archaeological survey showing various finds related to 'Allah'.  

354 LOTW354 Muhammad 01:15:06 A depiction of the prophet Muhammad. •Seen in The Prophet (C17.1988.01)

355 LOTW355 Various Idols 01:15:14 Statues of various gods worshipped in numerous religions.  

356 LOTW356 Abandoning Idols 01:15:37 A man turning his back towards other religions and by extension, Satan.  

357 LOTW357 Bearded Man in Hell 01:15:49 A man burning in the fires of Hell.  

358 LOTW358 Jesus Over Man Assuming Position 01:16:07 Jesus over a man who is receving Christ into his life.  

359 LOTW359 "Ministering Angels" 01:16:21 An angel protecting a woman from demons. Print for sale by Chick Publications

360 LOTW360 "Well Done" 01:16:39 A man before God on the Golden Throne as he is to be judged. • 1 Peter 5:7

Print for sale by Chick Publications

361 LOTW361 "Glorious Reunion" 01:16:56 The reunion of all those in Heaven. • Matthew 25:21

Print for sale by Chick Publications

362 LOTW362 Stars 01:17:17 A background full of stars.  


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