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Fang. Jack Chick's own personal cryptid.

Over his long and controversial life Jack Chick had several pets, mostly dogs, and was a fan of animals. His intention with the inclusion of Fang was to grab attention after the initial impact of the image as part of his work on "Times Have Changed?", as well as to have them interacting with the scene, while also functioning as a homage to his pets.


o Fang Sightings

The first such inclusion of Fang was in 1953, while his first Chick Tract appearance was in 1975. Notably, Chick was influenced by Kurt Kuersteiner's web page of Fang sightings and as a result, included Fang in several tracts that were not originally written as having Fang (Page 101, You Don't Know Chick).

For more information regarding page/panel reference codes, please see the BUCINS page.

Tract Cover Tract # Tract Name Year Page(s) Comments
Why No Revivial? 001 Why No Revival? 1970 001.1970.07 Black "prototype" version, being fed steak by Suzi at the dinner table

Who, Me? 009 Who Me? 1995 009.1995.03 Staring at a nervous man

The Mad Machine 036 The Mad Machine 2002 036.1975.13 Barking at a child that is wielding a baseball bat

Who Are They Gonna Remember? 079 Who Are They Gonna Remember? 1987 079.1987.04 Barking at door knocking Jehovah's Witnesses

Baby Talk 123 Baby Talk 1995 123.1995.02A&B Barking out of the rear window of a car, Being held by Thelma
      123.1995.03B Tearing a piece out of a couch and being attacked by Goldie
      123.1995.05A Peeking over the edge of a couch
      123.1995.06A Leaning over a toilet and glaring at Goldie
      123.1995.09B Sleeping on top of Ashley

Ransom 124 Ransom 1995 124.1995.05 In a framed picture on the wall labeled "Fang"

Cleo 125 Cleo 1995 125.1995.05A In the back of a Dog Catcher's van
      125.1995.06A In the back of a Dog Catcher's van

Best Friend 130A Best Friend 1996 130A.1996.04B Barking at Goldie
      130A.1996.05A Being attacked by Goldie
      130A.1996.08B Peering out from behind a tombstone
      130A.1996.10A Being kicked by a small child at the gates of Heaven
      130A.1996.11 Watching Goldie from behind a tree
      130A.1996.12 Watching Goldie from behind a tree
      130A.1996.20B Hiding in the grass in the background
      130A.1996.21B Following the two girls

Soul Sisters 130B Soul Sisters 2006 130B.1996.04B Barking at Goldie
      130B.1996.05A Being attacked by Goldie
      130B.1996.08B Peering out from behind a tombstone
      130B.1996.10A Being kicked by a small child at the gates of Heaven
      130B.1996.11 Watching Goldie from behind a tree
      130B.1996.12 Watching Goldie from behind a tree
      130B.1996.20B Hiding in the grass in the background
      130B.1996.21B Following the two girls

Gun Slinger 131 Gun Slinger 1997 131.1997.03A Following Terrible Tom's horse down the street
      131.1997.04A&B Barking at a man being accosted by Terrible Tom, Standing in a doorway (in silhouette)
      131.1997.09A&B Barking at a small child, standing in a doorway behind Terrible Tom
      131.1997.15B Fleeing the church as Tom is arrested
      131.1997.19A Following behind the grave digger

Charlie's Ants 132A Charlie's Ants 1997 132A.1997.08A Watching Goldie being tormented by a child
      132A.1997.09A Exploring an anthill with Goldie
      132A.1997.10A&B Being bitten on the nose by an ant, fleeing in pain
      132A.1997.12A Cooling nose in a stream
      132A.1997.13A Hiding in the tall grass right of frame
      132A.1997.22A Following the children

No Fear? 133 No Fear? 1997 133.1997.20A Staring at an invisible demon

The Little Princess 134 The Little Princess 1998 134.1998.10A In a framed picture on the wall

Flight 144 135 Flight 144 1998 135.1998.05B On the front page of a newspaper being read by an airline passenger

Party Girl 136 Party Girl 1998 136.1998.09 Near center frame at the feet of the man wearing a smiley face shirt

The Slugger 137A The Slugger 1998 137A.1998.03A Tattoo on a large man's arm

The Accident 138 The Accident 1999 138.1999.06B Posing in the framed portrait with Lord Winthrop's grandfather

The Choice 139A The Choice 1999 139A.1999.04A Sniffing a fire hydrant while being walked by a man right of frame
      139A.1999.11B Tattoo on a large man's arm

The Secret 140 The Secret 1999 140.1999.09A Tattoo on a prison inmate's arm

The Great One 141 The Great One 1999 141.1999.06 Barking at a bus

Murph 142 Murph 1999 142.1999.04B Illustration on the back of a man's shirt right of frame

War Zone 144 War Zone 2000 144.2000.06A In a framed picture behind Principal Ward left of frame

The Warning 145 The Warning 2000 145.2000.07B Barking at a rooster

Who Murdered Clarice? 146 Who Murdered Clarice? 2000 146.2000.03A On the back page of a woman's newspaper center frame

In the Beginning 147 In the Beginning 2000 147.2000.02A In a picture hanging on the side of Bob Williams' ("Computer Man") desk right of frame (see #171)

It's Coming! 148 It's Coming! 2000 148.2000.03A On the vase left of frame

Sin City 149 Sin City 2001 149.2001.02 On a poster on the telephone pole right of frame

The Promise 150 The Promise 2001 150.2001.09A On the front of a teenager's t-shirt

The Little Ghost 151 The Little Ghost 2001 151.2001.05 Sniffing the tail of the boy dressed as the Devil
      151.2001.06 Mostly off-panel observing a fly
      151.2001.07 Biting the tail of the boy dressed as the Devil
      151.2001.09 Preparing to snatch the Devil mask the boy has discarded
      151.2001.10 Chewing on the Devil mask
      151.2001.11 Fleeing from Goldie
      151.2001.19 Observing the conversing children from the foreground
      151.2001.21 Praying with the children

The Big Deal 152 The Big Deal 2001 152.2001.03 Barking at Janet and Ronnie exiting the jail

Framed 153 Framed 2001 153.2001.04A Growling at Ms. Harris knocking on Bob William's door

It's the Law 154 It's the Law 2001 154.2001.13A Right of frame barking at the Hebrews departing Egypt

The Outcast 155 The Outcast 2001 155.2001.04A Upside down on the side of the box Bob Williams is handing to Janet

The Scam 156 The Scam 2002 156.2002.06A Barking at a bird perched on a fire hydrant

The Loser 157 The Loser 2002 157.2002.05B In the foreground being chased by Goldie

The Last Judge 158 The Last Judge 2002 158.2002.02A In a framed photo on the wall barking at a photo of Goldie

The Nervous Witch 159 The Nervous Witch 2002 159.2002.02B As a stuffed toy on Samantha's shelf right of frame

Caught! 160 Caught! 2002 160.2002.02B Following Roger and Jessica into their motel room left of frame

Payback! 161 Payback! 2002 161.2002.02A Barking up a lamppost in the foreground left of frame

Real Heat 162 Real Heat 2002 162.2002.12B Tattoo on a man's arm left of frame

The Monster 163 The Monster 2002 163.2002.04A On the back of a man's shirt left of frame

Gladys 164 Gladys 2002 164.2002.18A Barking at George riding on Gladys' shoulder as she leaves Bob William's house

God With Us 165 God With Us 2002 165.2002.04A The the background barking at a boy experiencing hang time on his skateboard

Fallen 166 Fallen 2002 166.2002.03B Barking at Bruce as he rifles through a trash can

Who Cares? 167 Who Cares? 2002 167.2002.06A Barking at Omar as he opens his store while being walked by Mrs. Miller's son

Scream! 168 Scream! 2002 168.2002.02A Sitting the back of the arsonist's truck in the background

Good Ol' Boys 169 Good Ol' Boys 2002 169.2002.09A Being walked on a leash by a woman left of frame

Man in Black 170 Man in Black 2003 170.2003.02B Walking by on the bridge right of frame as Father Damien prepares to jump

Who's Missing? 171 Who's Missing? 2003 171.2003.04A In a picture hanging on the side of Bob Williams' desk (see #147)

Here He Comes! 172 Here He Comes! 2003 172.2003.03B On a lost dog Reward posted on a telephone poll in the foreground labeled "Fang"

Busted! 173 Busted! 2003 173.2003.05B In a framed picture on the wall in Doug' s office

The Sky Lighter 175 The Sky Lighter 2003 175.2003.04A Barking at a chicken in the foreground

Something in Common? 185 Something in Common? 2005 185.2005.02C In a dog house watching the rain

What's Wrong With This? 187 What's Wrong With This? 2005 187.2005.03A In a framed painting on the wall right of frame

The Missing Day 188 The Missing Day 2005 188.2005.04B Drooling at a goldfish being dangled by a boy and addressed as "Fang"

The Chaplain 190 The Chaplain 2006 188.2006.16B Glaring at a mouse in the foreground

The Star 191A The Star 2006 191A.2006.11A In a framed picture on the wall

Fame 191B Fame 2006 191B.2006.11A In a framed picture on the wall

Congratulations! 192 Congratulations! 2006 192.2006.02 In a framed picture on the wall

Here, Kitty Kitty! 194 Here, Kitty Kitty! 2006 194.2006.19B Staring at the empty cage that previously contained Fluffy

The Unwelcome Guest 195 The Unwelcome Guest 2006 195.2006.06A In a framed picture on the wall

Heart Trouble? 196 Heart Trouble? 2007 196.2007.11B On the back of a man's shirt labeled "Fang"

Set Free! 197A Set Free! 2007 197A.2007.02 Barking at sinners as they are led off a cliff by Satan

Fairy Tales? 198 Fairy Tales? 2007 198.2007.06B In a framed picture on the wall

Guilty? 199


2007 199.2007.03A Watching Jimmy and his friend play baseball

There Go the Dinosaurs! 200 There Go the Dinosaurs! 2007 200.2007.06A Barking at a boy praising the loads of dinosaur meat being carted off by the hunters

Where Did They Go? 201 Where Did They Go? 2007 201.2007.12A Looking out from behind Pastor Weber's gravestone

Poor Little Lamb 203 Poor Little Lamb 2008 203.2008.08B Barking at a scorpion

Fatal Decision 204 Fatal Decision 2008 204.2008.09B Tattoo on Brutus' arm

Moving on Up! 205 Moving on Up! 2008 205.2008.08A In a framed picture on the wall
      205.2008.11A&B Standing behind Mama, staring at a black cat

Who is He? 206 Who is He? 2008 206.2008.03 On the back of a man's jacket near center frame

First Bite 207 First Bite 2008 207.2008.02A In foreground staring at the reader

Somebody Angry? 208 Somebody Angry? 2008 208.2008.02B On a television screen standing in the rain left of frame

Papa? 209 Papa? 2008 209.2008.06B Watching Jimmy and Mr. Powell converse left of frame

It'S All About You! 210 It's All About You! 2009 210.2009.04A Barking at a lizard(?) perched on a mushroom in the foreground
      210.2009.10B On a hill in the foreground watching Ashley, her grandfather and Goldie walking in the distance
      210.2009.11B Growling at Ashley, her grandfather and Goldie as they walk away down a path
      210.2009.13B In the foreground staring down Goldie
      210.2009.15B In the foreground being chased off panel left by Goldie

Evil Eyes 211 Evil Eyes 2009 211.2009.04B Watching Roberto depart on a bus left of frame

The Bully 213 The Bully 2009 213.2009.13A Staring at Goldie
      213.2009.14A In foreground being chased by Goldie

Some Like it Hot 214 Some Like it Hot 2009 214.2009.06A Watching Grandpa sweat

No Liars in Heaven 216 No Liars in Heaven 2009 216.2009.18 In a framed picture on the wall

Crazy Wolf 217 Crazy Wolf 2009 217.2009.04A Barking at a cow

Going Down? 218 Going Down? 2010 218.2010.06A In a framed picture on the wall

Is Allah Like You? 219 Is Allah Like You? 2010 219.2010A.06A Staring at Uncle Yousef
(Tract version "A" only)

Things to Come 221 Things to Come 2010 221.2010.02A Staring at a fire hydrant

Stinky 222 Stinky 2010 222.2010.10A Staring at two crying children

Love That Money! 223 Love That Money! 2010 223.2010.04A Staring at Annie Taylor

Mean Momma 226 Mean Momma 2011 226.2011.04A Looking at a woman

The Walking Dead? 227 The Walking Dead? 2011 227.2011.06B Tattooed on Danny's right arm
    227.2011.07A Tattooed on Danny's right arm

The Awful Truth 228 The Awful Truth 2011 228.2011.02A Looking at guy with glasses

Here Comes The Judge 229 Here Comes The Judge 2012 229.2012.03B In a picture frame

Global Warming 230 Global Warming 2012 230.2012.05A Staring at some chickens

Why Should I? 231 Why Should I? 2012 231.2012.05A Looking at a flower

Satan Comes To Salem 234 Satan Comes To Salem 2012 234.2012.08A Recoiling from a demon's hand

Mama's Girls 236 Mama's Girls 2012 236.2012.09A Barking at a procession of monks

Cathy 239 Cathy 2013 239.2013.02 Looking at a small boy
    239.2013.03 Looking at Cathy and Joey
    239.2013.06A Looking at Cathy and Joey
    239.2013.09A Looking up a tree at Goldie
    239.2013.13A Looking at Cathy and Joey
    239.2013.14A Looking away from Cathy and Joey, trying to stay awake
    239.2013.16A Running with Goldie on his back

The Last Surprise 240 The Last Surprise 2013 240.2013.06A In a framed picture on Pastor Baldwin's desk

Spooky! 241 Spooky! 2013 241.2013.08B Barking at Sam and Sarah, who calls him by name.

Twin Towers 242 Twin Towers 2013 242.2013.07A In a framed picture on the desk

War Games! 243 War Games! 2014 243.2014.11B Looking at Frank, Melissa and Emily
    243.2014.13A&B Growling and walking into the yard, Being chased by Goldie

It's Who You Know 244 It's Who You Know 2014 244.2014.19B Looking at Goldie

Just One More 245 Just One More 2014 245.2014.02A Looking at Byron

What's Worse 246 What's Worse 2014 246.2014.03A Running into a house covered in fleas while a woman calls to not let him in the house
    246.2014.03B Being sprayed with insect spray by a unnamed woman
    246.2014.04A Sitting in a bath

Home Alone? 247 Home Alone? 2014 247.2014.04A Barking at Coach Brad and Charlie

The Throw Away Kid 248 The Throw Away Kid 2014 248.2014.04A On a poster attached to a pole

Mary's Kids 249 Mary's Kids 2014 249.2014.05B Looking at Goldie
    249.2014.08A Growling at Goldie in a tree
    249.2014.10B Being chased by Goldie

Where's Your Name? 250 Where's Your Name? 2015 250.2015.12A Barking at some people

Bed Time 251 Bed Time 2015 251.2015.02B In a framed picture on the wall above the sofa

The Greatest Insult 252 The Greatest Insult 2015 252.2015.05A Staring at a small boy holding a mouse

And It Was Good 253 And It Was Good! 2015 253.2015.06 Among a collage of animals named by Adam at top of frame

Rotten Rodney 254 Rotten Rodney 2015 254.2015.06A Barking at a SWAT officer on Rodney's lawn

Holy Night 255 Holy Night 2015 255.2015.04A In a framed picture on the wall behind Rudy

Keep the Secret 256 Keep the Secret 2015 256.2015.16B Staring at a demon

Gold Fever 257 Gold Fever 2016 257.2016.03B Watching Billy pan for gold
      257.2016.04B Growling at Jake
      257.2016.05A In the foreground mostly obscured by Mike's dialog balloon
      257.2016.15A Staring at a squirrel
      257.2016.20A Staring from afar with Goldie

Soul Survivor 258A Soul Survivor 2016 258A.2016.09B Watching the protagonists converse from behind a tree
      258A.2016.10B In the foreground being chased by Goldie

Kitty in the Window 259 Kitty in the Window 2016 259.2016.05B Barking at Claire as she walks through the snow
      259.2016.08B Watching Claire as she contemplates approaching Lizzie's house

No Justice? 262 No Justice? 2017 262.2017.06B Behind a bush watching Jasmine and Charlie Dexter speak to Mrs. Dempsey
      262.2017.09A In a doorway left of frame watching Goldie pull ornaments off of a Christmas tree

Almost Time 263 Almost Time 2017 263.2017.04A In the foreground staring at a pig

Mary's Kids 265 Sunk! 2017 265.2017.02A Staring at Megan on the front porch
    265.2017.04A&B Looking down into the sink hole, fleeing across the front yard

Mary's Kids 268 All God's Creatures? 2018 268.2018.05A Looking at Sam and holding a bone in his mouth
    268.2018.09B Watching Sam proselytize to his toy animals from far off
    268.2018.11A Watching Sam proselytize to his toy animals up close
      268.2018.12A&B Staring at Goldie perched on top of Grandpa's foot cast

Mary's Kids 269 Limited Time Offer 2018 269.2018.04A A labeled box full of "Fang Dolls" is shown
    269.2018.07 Melanie carries a shopping basket with a Fang doll in it
    269.2018.15A Melanie pushes a shopping trolley with a Fang doll in it
      269.2018.19A Melanie pushes two shopping trollies in the background with a Fang doll in the one on the left
      269.2018.20A&B A Fang doll is in a shopping trolley in the background

Almost Time 272 Friend or Foe? 2018 272.2018.03A Among a gathering of animals all made by God

Kitty in the Window 274 Just Sign Here 2019 274.2019.06A&B On the floor watching the television
      274.2019.08B Covering his eyes after observing a space shuttle explode

Mary's Kids 275 Tell Me About It! 2019 275.2019.10 Behind Judy watching her order ice cream (partially obscured by word balloon)
    275.2019.11B Panting at Judy's ice cream
    275.2019.12A Sneaking a lick of Judy's ice cream
      275.2019.13A Interrupted while sneaking a lick of Judy's ice cream

Kitty in the Window 279 I Beg Your Pardon! 2021 279.2021.12B Watching the hangman affix a noose to a tree
      279.2021.13A Observing a hitched horse shudder and pant

Almost Time 280 Where's My Letter? 2021 280.2021.02B In a picture on the wall above Grandma

Mary's Kids 281 No Way In? 2022 281.2022.08 Barking at a tired woman and her two children
    281.2022.11A Standing guard in front of a castle gate next to a "Knock Please" sign
    281.2022.12B With Goldie staring at a selfish man in a backwards baseball cap

Mary's Kids 283 But Everyone Does It 2023 283.2023.07A In a framed picture with Goldie hanging above Mr. Henderson


o Goldie the Cat

Goldie the Cat

A cat who was often depicted in Chick's work, often alongside Fang. The cat was named after a customer had asked Chick for a picture, to which he responded with the name "Goldie".


o Further Reading

  • "Fang's a Lot!" - A partial list of Fang sightings.
    (Jack Chick Museum of Fine Art)

  • You Don't Know Jack - The Authorized Biography of Christian Cartoonist Jack T. Chick (2021) by David W. Daniels - Chapter 15 describes the history and origin of Fang.
    (Chick Publications)

  • You Don't Know Jack [Video Playlist] .
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