Boolean Union Studios

Tanzen Mit Dem Teufel

"A dance with the devil in the dark of the night"



Tanzen Mit Dem Teufel ("Dance with the Devil") was the second animated short completed by Boolean Union Studios in December of 2005, almost one years after the previous work "Bruder Gegen Bruder". Unlike the previous short, "Tanzen" was animated using a new program called "Daz Studio." It was assembled using models purchased from the same company who made the animation software. The short also utilized the original "Bryan" model previously used in "Bruder."

This animation chronicles the tragic case of a young girl who goes missing from a local bus stop only to turn up in an ominous temple somewhere below the city. The kidnapper (portrayed as the Bryan character) has brought her there for the purposes of casting a dark ritual. After casting some incantations, the clouds move over the moon and the girl enters an internal battle for her soul. After finally losing out, her body goes pale and her soul is cast into hell. Her body is then left as a mindless automaton under the complete control of the caster. At his command she kneels before him and assumes a disguise with which to return to the world above to do his bidding.

This piece was longer than the studios previous works and also had the advantage of being rendered in full color. While it still did not contain speech and the character's movements were basic and slow, improvement of the rendering as well as an epic score gave the piece a much grander feeling than its predecessor.

This short was originally going to be an interlude between "Bruder Gegen Bruder" and a sequel, tentatively called "Bruder 2." When an acceptable script for "Bruder 2" could not be produced, the project was scrapped and Tanzen was left orphaned to stand on its own.




Last Updated: April 8, 2011