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"One day, you're going to die... and when you
get to Hell at least it will be better than this place."



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"SerVice" was an early concept for a (web)comic concept developed by Blum and a coworker in late 2004. It chronicled the trials and tribulations of two down and out malcontents working at a local copy shop. The comic was primarily based on the daily events that the Bryan and Abel characters encountered, such as unruly customers, malfunctioning equipment and the general malaise that wore on them day after day in the shop itself. Despite a wealth of ideas, the idea only resulted in one complete four frame comic and a single frame of a second comic which never got off the ground.


Service Comics

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This comic was an early project. As such, the first comic was rendered entirely in Poser 5 while the second comic had its figures rendered in Poser and its backgrounds in Bryce 4. The Poser and Bryce elements were later composited together, which can be seen in comic #2's distinct lack of character shadows. The limitations of the programs (as well as the animator's lack of skill) can be seen in the "balloon" appearance of the objects in comic one as well as the simplistic uniform design seen on the Bryan and Abel characters. Also note that the first comic was called "Retail Hell" which was the working title before the "SerVice" title and logo were settled on.


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