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"The time has come to pay my debt...
the debt we all must pay."

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"Nyghtfall" was another attempt at doing a serialized comic in June/July of 2005. Unlike "SerVice" this comic was far darker in tone. It was to incorporate numerous supernatural elements that would later turn up in projects such as "Bruder 2" and "Teufelsbauer." The comic involved around a person (as usual, portrayed by the "Bryan" model) who, after losing the one he loved, committed suicide and ended up in Hell. After a period of time (and for reasons not fully fleshed out), Bryan was able to return to the land of the living with the all-consuming desire to get back his lost love... no matter what the cost. This time the comic made it to nine frames rather than the combined five of "SerVice."


Nyghtfall Comic

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"Nyghtfall" is the first project where Daz|Studio was first used exclusively to handle all of a project's rendering. As is seen in the short comic, "The Girl" (who is never actually privileged enough to earn a name) walks down a dark alley where she is attacked by a Sin Thrall. Sin Thralls were meant to represent the physical manifestations of a person's sins and are responsible for dragging that person to Hell when they die. Though not actually shown in the comic, the Girl would have dispatched the Sin Thrall with relative ease and the story would have continued.


Down to Sleep
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Before the project evolved into an actual comic, a few short videos were rendered using Poser. These videos had the potential to elevate "Nyghtfall" to a video production, but the time and skill-intensive process of creating full motion video was beyond the technical capacity of the studio at the time and the project was demoted to a regular comic.


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Eventually, the project was abandoned for numerous reasons. The comic format did not do the subject matter justice and was deemed inadequate for the project. It was originally hoped the project could be resurrected later once technical capacity had caught up with the work's vision. This never materialized because other, similar projects eventually subsumed much of the "Nyghtfall" project. In addition, while the concept was developed independently, much of the plot was turned out to be very similar to existing works such as the comic "Hellblazer" and its film adaptation "Constantine" as well as the television series "Dead Like Me."




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