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The original "Maria" story was written over the course of two days during Christmas 2007. The original inspiration came from a dream. From the dream I took two scenes near the end and the overall concept, but I had to fill the rest in.

The story follows William, an unhappy man in his thirties who lives in a future when robots are common, but life is otherwise not terribly different from today. One day his uncle, a wealthy businessman gives him an android to test. William isn't very enthusiastic about the robot, named Maria, and he insists on referring to her as "it". Because there isn't much housework for her to do, Maria starts to assist William with his teaching chores, and his attitude changes. During a trip to the mall to buy clothes, the two are separated, and Maria has a frightening experience before William finds and saves her. This incident forces buried emotions to the surface- Maria tells William she loves him, and William feels the same way but can't admit it. His guilt and confusion ultimately lead him to reject Maria and deactivate her. However, just before it is too late, he has second thoughts and tries to fix things.

Anyone familiar with the "robot maid" anime which aired circa 2000, such as Hand Maid May and Mahoromatic, will recognize certain elements in the store. I was cognizant of that while writing it, and I tried to avoid turning "Maria" into mere fanservice.

The outline of the animated script is thesame as the original story, but it has been expanded and (hopefully) improved. Working with the short story as a base, we tried to develop more characters and subplots to make the story richer and more cinematic. Additionally, the adaptation process made it possible to fix some details of the published story that I wasn't happy with.

The script is not quite complete as of this writing. For now, if you are curious, please read the original short story "Maria".


Maria Short Story as published in Avalon (12/27/07)
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