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Technical Information


List of Software used:

Adobe Audition 1.0

Our primary sound editing program, used to cut and clean voice recordings and sound effects.

Adobe After Effects CS3

After Effects was used for all special effects composite shots, where elements from different sources were layered together. Any shot which features moving fire or water (or coffee) was composited in After Effects, as was any shot featuring moving clouds.

Adobe Encore 2.0

Encore was used to create the project DVD.

Adobe Photoshop CS3

Photoshop was used to create and edit images and artwork for the project, and to edit textures for characters and objects. In many cases, onscreen text was created in Photoshop and then imported to other programs.

Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5

Premiere, a video editing program, was used to assemble the project. This allowed us to adjust the raw footage from DAZ Studio for brightness and contrast, and to integrate it with composites from After Effects. Premiere was also used to adjust volume of sound effects and pan them left or right.

Apple Garageband 5

Garageband was used for all initial voice recording, and in some cases for specialized vocal effects, such as the "microphone" effect used on the Preacher. Garageband was also used to create background music for two scenes.

Autodesk Maya 2009

Maya is a full-featured 3d modeling and rendering program. For this project, Maya was used to create objects that we did not have existing models for, or for which our existing models weren't appropriate. Specific objects created in Maya include the interior of the well, the rope and bucket which appear in the opening credits, and the multi-sided dice used by the players.

DAZ 3D Bryce 5.5

Bryce is used to generate landscapes. In this project it was used to generate the sky with fast-moving clouds seen in the opening credits, as well as the "time-lapse" sky seen between scenes 4 and 5.

DAZ 3D Mimic Pro 3

Mimic was used to lipsynch the recorded dialog to the characters' mouths.

DAZ Studio 2.3

DAZ Studio was our primary rendering application. DAZ Studio primarily relies upon pre-built models for sets, characters, and props. We chose to use it because it greatly simplified our setup.

Particle Illusion

This program was used to create particle effects such as flames, rain, and pouring water. These effects were then typically composited with background footage in After Effects.

SmithMicro Poser

For this project, we used Poser for its Walk Editor, which was used to create the walk and run animations seen in several sequences in the movie, particularly the first scene.

SndSampler 6.3

This shareware program was used in the early stages of the project to do the same sorts of things we later used Adobe Audition for.



Last Updated: November 30, 2010