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DebbieA girl probably in her mid teens who plays the role playing game Dark Dungeons with her friends. Debbie seems to be naïve and somewhat oblivious to the effect the game is having on her and her friends. Her character’s name is Elfstar, and is a wizard/cleric.


Based on the “Stephanie Petite 3” figure by DAZ 3D, the character is intended to mimic the illustration in the comic as closely as possible, aside from the difference in hairstyle.


Elfstar, Debbie's player character, is obviously based on the same figure, only carrying a staff and with a different costume.


Images of Debbie:

Debbie from Comic
Debbie as Elfstar
Original Comic
Debbie as Elfstar






Voice by Rachel Mack

MarcieA Dark Dungeons player and a friend of Debbie’s, Marcie takes the death of her player character Black Leaf very hard.


Marcie is based on the well-known “Victoria 3” figure from DAZ 3D. She is intended to resemble the comic illustration.


Marcie’s alter-ego, Black Leaf, is the same figure with a different costume.


In addition, we designed a miniature silver version of the Black Leaf figure, which is intended as a pewter game figure.


Images of Marcie:

Marcie from Comic
Marcie as Blackleaf
Marcie's Figurine
Original Comic
Marcie as Black Leaf
Figurine Design 1






Voice by Andrew Bean

MikeMike is a staunch Christian and likely an athlete. He appears near the end of the story to help Debbie with her problems.


Mike is built on DAZ 3D’s “David 3” figure. In the comic, Mike’s overall appearance is somewhat outdated, and likely was in 1984 as well.


As a result, rather than try to match Mike’s “1950’s football player” look from the comic, we chose to update that style to a modern equivalent. Thus, our Mike does not closely resemble the comic Mike. His "WWJD" T-Shirt is an original design.


Images of Mike:

Mike from Comic
Mike's T-Shirt
Original Comic
Mike with T-Shirt






The Afro Preacher
Voice by J.D. Blum (with vocal post-processing)

Afro PreacherThis character is never given a name in the comic, but the moniker “Afro Preacher” stuck despite him not really having an Afro and not necessarily being a preacher (his hairstyle is closer to a Jheri curl and we can't speak for his ordainment). He speaks in a condescending southern accent with a delivery reminiscent of Sunday morning televangelists. Afro Preacher appears at the very end of the story to talk about the evils of role-playing games, and to claim Debbie for Jesus.


Afro Preacher is based on the “Michael 3” figure from DAZ 3D. His hair is “Digital Curlz” from the same source. We did not attempt to precisely match his appearance in the comic, but rather to give the general sense of the character.


It has been suggested that the Afro Preacher as he appears in the comic is modeled on the late (alleged) ex-occultist John Todd who acted as a source for much of Chick's arguments against role-playing games, Catholism, Neopaganism and Christian Rock.


This is actually the second version of the character. An earlier and somewhat younger-looking version was created based on the more advanced “Michael 4” character model. Unfortunately, this version of the figure was difficult for us to lip-sync, so we built another version based on "Michael 3."


Images of Afro Preacher:

Afro Preacher from Comic
Original Design
John Todd
Original Comic
Original Design
John Todd







Ms. Frost
Voice by Rachel Mack

Ms. FrostMs. Frost is a woman in her mid 30s who plays Dark Dungeons with Debbie and her friends. Her house seems to be the central gaming spot for the local teenagers. Debbie in particular comes to confide in Ms. Frost. Her motivation in playing Dark Dungeons seems to be to lure young people into Satanism, as she does with Debbie. She simply disappears at the end of the story, and we never learn any more about her.


Ms. Frost is based on the Victoria 3 model by DAZ 3D. Even though she plays Dark Dungeons, Ms. Frost has no player character, because she acts as Dungeon Master. This character model is intended to resemble the illustration in the comic.


Images of Ms. Frost:

Ms. Frost from Comic
Original Comic






Dark Dungeons Players 1 and 2
Player 1 voiced by Andrew Bean


Players 1 & 2These unnamed game players are featured in the opening segment of the Dark Dungeons game. They aren’t characterized at all and only Player 1 has any lines.


Both characters are based on DAZ 3D’s “David 3”, just as Mike is. The variation among them shows the flexibility of the basic model. Both of these characters were created largely out of whole cloth. The original comic shows several players other than Marcie and Debbie, but they have no dialog, so we reduced the number to two, though basic models for other players were created (See Player 3 and Player 4).


Player 1’s game avatar is a knight/paladin. Player 2's character is a barbarian who resembles a much more muscular version of himself.


Images of Players 1 and 2:

Player 2 as Knight
Player 1 as Barbarian
Player 1 Knight
Player 2 Barbarian







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