Not Another Relgious Tract Dissection by Andrew Bean and Jessica Blum

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The Marriage Mess
© 1978 Jack Chick

Uploaded June 22nd, 2009

The Millers looked like the ideal family. But beneath that veneer were the same hurts and failings that afflict millions.
See how they learn to obey God in a few simple ways that change their lives...and their marriage.

Most of us have seen Jack Chick's "comic" tracts, which attempt to bring the lost sheep home with a concoction of non-sequiteur Bible verses and poor illustrations. However, this was the first time we'd seen a longer work by Chick. It promised everything that's so wonderful about the comics, just more of it. The plot is very simple: various situations come up around the Miller household, and miraculously benevolent cousin Mark is there to lend a hand. It is a paean to the joys of being lectured by a holier-than-thou do-gooder all day every day.


The copyright date says 1978, though even if it didn't I could probably pinpoint the decade from the wonderful outfits and glorious hairstyles we'll be treated to in this... <ahem> work.

Speaking of messes, this family is hideous. We have (clockwise from top) a balding, middle aged forty-something, an anthropomorphic mushroom cap, that kid from "Problem Child" with some serious coke bottle glasses, a chick with bad posture and Meat Head from "All in the Family."


Andrew: Jack Chick's got one solution to their problems, but it might be easier just to wipe their seed from the earth.


Table of Contents

The Friendly Fanatic
Soup's On
The Ugly Truth
Until Death Us Do Part
The Good Samaritan










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