Boolean Union Studios

Bruder Gegen Bruder

"Once, they were like brothers - but today, they fight."




Bruder Gegen Bruder ("Brother Against Brother") was the first animated short completed by Boolean Union Studios in December of 2004. Animated and rendered using Poser 5, the sketch renderer within that program allowed for the "hand-drawn" look of the piece.

The short details the meeting of two friends, Bryan and Abel, characters based on real people. As the two engage in a friendly dueling bout, things quickly get out of control. Abel flies into the air and taunts Bryan, who urges him to attack. Upon swooping down Abel is impaled in the chest by Bryan's sword and crashes hard to the ground. Bryan comes over to examine the body and quietly ponders an old Polaroid photo showing the two in happier times, with the caption "Keep it Real, Abel" emblazoned in red marker. Bryan leaves the picture with the body and solemnly walks away.

Despite its short length (a little over three minutes) it was an important milestone for the studio as it represented the first piece completed from beginning to end which contained some semblance of a plot, no matter how tenuous. Prior to this piece only quick "one-off's," sketches, and short scenes had been assembled and the progression to an actual short film was a significant boost for the studio and its projects to come.




Last Updated: April 8, 2011