Boolean Union Studios



The story of Boolean Union began in 1999, when Jessica Blum and Andrew Bean met while attending Western Maryland (now McDaniel) College in Westminster, Maryland. Blum had long experimented with digital media and 3-D animation, and ultimately majored in Art and Communication, while Bean had a background in creative writing and literature.

In 2004, Blum created Bruder Gegen Bruder, the studio's first complete animated work that told a story. Assembled in Smith Micro Software's Poser, this three-minute short featured a sword fight between two characters who were based on real people. The next year Blum would follow it up with Tanzen Mit Dem Teufel, a longer work largely assembled and rendered in Daz 3D's DAZ|Studio. “Tanzen” was roughly twice as long, with a much higher resolution and full color.

In 2006, Bean and Blum agreed to collaborate on future productions, with Bean taking up writing chores and sound editing, and Blum focusing on 3D CG and special effects. In 2009, production began on the short film Dark Dungeons, based on the tract by Jack Chick. This film, finished in December of 2010, was the longest, most complex project to date.

Today, Boolean Union is an independent film studio specializing in 3-D animation and film. As a small firm, we all volunteer our talents for the creation of projects, and we welcome any who wish to join us.